Monday, July 21, 2008


As I Baptized a number of people this past week, it reaffirmed the importance of Beleivers baptism. It was a joy to see people cry out to God for new life. Of course the water can't give this but God does. We had a blessed time of fellowship with grace fellowship church in Westminster.
It was a Joy. I am glad God let even me be a part.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

black and white thinking

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Washington DC based Christian Defense Coalition comments, "It is painfully clear that Senator Obama has publicly discarded decades long relationships because his church has become a hindrance to his political aspirations.
"Only one of the two following options may be true; for the past twenty years Senator Obama was a member of a church fellowship that was the foundation of his spiritual and moral reasoning -- or -- he sat in the pew of Trinity United Church simply for the political gain such relationships could bring.

"If Trinity United Church was simply a club to improve Obama's standing in the community, then he is consistent in discarding his membership today, when such gain is gone.

"But if his church membership was truly spiritual -- then this action shows a fundamental lack of integrity. Obama's resignation of membership in Trinity United Church demonstrates that he will trade even on his faith for political advantage.

This is a stupid article. Things are not so black and white, either// or. There are more than two possible reasons for leaving. The church has been in danger from bomb threats and media spies have come to every worship service. The church is also going through a major transition, the retirement of its 30 year long pastor.
They need time to bond with the new pastor but the entire spotlight is on Obama and his enemies who are using the church to stop, what may be his calling from God, his presidential bid.

At the same time, Obama is growing and changing. How many people still believe at age 46 everything they did at age 22?
Or how many of you are still in a church for twenty years. Most people are not.

I can remember when my views changed from that of my pastor of twenty years. He wished me well and said he had given me all he had to teach. It was time I move on and expand on his teachings. As I pastor today I have done just that.
Stop trying to judge Obama's heart, wait and see what the Lord might do. He is fighting the powers of darkness and is in need our prayers. He will never, never do everything right. Most other presidents don't even have a twenty year membership in any church. Think about that.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rev Jeremiah Wright and our "Birth Defect"

Secretary Rice referred to the birth of our nation by using the metaphor of a birth defect. She was referring to that peculiar institution know as slavery. Even before Blacks were "emancipated" without so much as the 40 aces or the mule, we have been a sick and divided nation.

As a Christian minister it has really disturbed me to see how differently my Anglo brothers see certain issues. Even the word of God cannot destroy man's traditions. Only the traditions of man make the word of God of none effect, says our Lord. (mk 7:13)

Whites see racism as an individual problem and individual solutions apply and blacks see it as individual and systemic and both arenas must be dealt with to overcome.

Thus , the Rev. Jeremiah Wright issue. I have been in this brother's presence on more than a few occasions. He is a scholar, a christian, a great preacher and a lover of people of all colors. Yet, he , like myself has known racism personally and he desires to speak truth to power.

He may use hyperboles or even analogies that I would not but God made us all different. I know he is not perfect. The Bible says if a man is perfect in speech, he is a perfect man. (only Jesus).

It is not what he said that bothers me but the fact that many White and black Christian brothers and sisters can't even talk civilly about the issue.

Some are even unwilling to listen to the whole sermon for the context. And this puts them in danger of sinning against their own Christian brother, speaking gossip about another Christian, without all of the facts.

It's seems that, like wright's sermon suggest, we put Government above God. Nationalism above the Word of God. Is this not like the Pharisees, or the Nazis?

I believe the Blood of Jesus should make us one as Christians. We are to seek unity with all christians, especially those who are hurt and suffering, those who are marginalized, and obviliously suffering greatly from the ills of oppresion, proverty and the ongoing lagacy of this "birth defect".

If Anglos don't understand our pain or anger, they should seek to understand and vi·ce ver·sa

I am praying for Dr, Wright, his family, his church and that God will gain the glory out of is humanity and feeble way of saying and doing things.

I pray that one day white Christians in America will be able to follow black Christian leadership just as blacks can now follow some of them and even join their churches.

I pray that we will not put party politic before the cross of Jesus and the command to love one another.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I used to hate this time of year. It reminded me of how often the world lives in untruth. I was told by the newscasters that St. Nick was seen on the east side of town and was headed my way. I always wished for something extravagant and this St. Nick never brought it to me. When I came of age and learned the whole world was lying to me, I was a mess and than wondered if Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit were fictitious as well. I than hated the lights , the trees , the music, etc.

It seems to me that this little myth has allowed the JW's and other cults to call us deceitful to our face and to be correct in their assessment.

Yet today I realize the world is not so black and white. It is true Jesus was not born on Dec. 25th but it is also true that I can see some good in the midst of this darkness. I am no longer offended. I just tell the true story as best I can and than proceed to enjoy singing O' holy night, or silent night ,or even drummer boy without guilt or anger because I now process a Spirit of joy everyday. He is not angry at Christmas. He wants us to enjoy days off of work and to enjoy family togetherness, and good food. He wants us to think of giving to the poor at least once a year. He wants the story of Jesus to be talked about.

As Paul said, once It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. 16 The latter do so in love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. 17 The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains.[a] 18 But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.

This text does not directly apply but it does relay a principle. God can work in the midst of consumerism, and materialism, and yes worldly lies.
I believe the church must not condone these lies. We must be people of truth. We must be light and salt everyday. But my testimony is that God did heal me and I can rejoice always now. I pray no other child is wounded by this well meant deceit but if so; God is still large and in charge. Rejoice life is full of inconsistencies. Eat the meat and discard the bones. But try yourself to only give your love ones meat.

beating the air

Apostle Paul once said he does not fight aimlessly.He is not one who beats at the air or shadow boxes. "Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air." 1 cor. 9:26.

How often we christians seem to be aimless. We seem like we don't know that the goal of the church is to make disciples and not just consumers of religious goods.

I was once talking to a gang member who told me why they often beat those who want to join their "family". He said, the beating must last at least three minutes. If the person is knocked unconscious, the clock stops and than resumes upon their awakening. They have to do this to see if the person will punk out.

He said, when I am in a battle with you at my side, I need to know you "got my back". You won;'t run when things get tough.

It seems ill fated and wrongheaded to join these gangs but at least they try to have some rational for their initiation.

We seem to only say walk the aisle and repeat this prayer. People than live any way they see fit and may come to church sometimes.

I think we need to let them know . It is not membership but discipleship that Christ desires and discipleship is costly. Salvation is free but the results of true repentance is progressive discipleship.

otherwise your christian walk is just beating at the air aimlessly


Saturday, August 18, 2007

a sobering retreat

Our retreat was glorious as we expected. Two pastoral teams came to share with us. Both were husband and wife teams. Because of the gift mix we expected good teaching, preaching, healing, prayer and prophecy. All of these things occurred.

But what was really striking was the cohesiveness of the messages from the two teams. Both felt strongly led to speak on the priority of forgiveness in order to establish intimacy with God.

There were moments of laughter as each shared on some difficult situations and people they had to deal with and how God taught them each to begin to walk in humility.

So more important than the vocal gifts or spectacular manifestations of the Spirit was the penetrating warning against bitterness, resentment, outburst of anger, and unforgiveness in general.

Let me ask you reader –how are you doing with keeping the flow of God coming through you free and clear of bitterness? Husbands and wives may be particularly at risk because of their closeness, familiarity, and the attacks of Satan. Remember one scripture warns that marital conflict; unresolved, can hinder ones prayer life. It lessens ones effectiveness. Because we are taught one can put a thousand demons to flight but two can put ten thousand.

But married couples are not the only ones at risk. Singles can become selfish and live in their own little secluded worlds. Any intrusions by the needs of others can lead to conflicts and resentment, if we are not careful. Single people are required to work just as hard on keeping relationships healthy and unhindered by anger.

It really interested me that Nujeru would receive such a warning. Our church is small and intimate and thus open to many intense feelings.

Do you think that we sometimes believe the church can help relieve all of our problems with very little effort from ourselves? Do we often want others to bare more of our burden than we--ourselves are willing to bear? I call this the entitlement trap. So, when others refuse to enable us-we take on hard feelings, begin to gossip and slander. This is not of Christ but the flesh. This opens a way for the enemy to take advantage of us. We may become sour faced, depressed, angry and often isolate from the fellowship.

The messages at this retreat call us to beware and to gain insight into the ways of Satan. We must refuse to be childish in our emotions and interactions with one another. We must grow up in all aspect into Christ.

We were told not to romanticize the notion of forgiveness. It is more than a simple prayer and off we go to conquer the world. It is hard, painful, gut wrenching work. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to show us our true condition. We must cry out to God—“create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me”

He will often show us that more work needs to be done within us even after we believe it is all finished.

It was good to receive such a mature word. This tells us God has great things in store for Nujeru. He believes we are up for the challenge. He wants to sanctify us and consecrate us unto a good work.

Yes, I must say, this was a great retreat.

Pray for me. I want to walk in a spirit of quick forgiveness of any offense.

Love Ya

Pastor B

Thursday, August 2, 2007

retreat prep

well we are about to go on retreat as a church. I am excited. We have a number of new people coming and I can't wait to see what God will do. We are focused on coming to Him. He said, to come if we are weak and burdened. in other words those who are totally strong and healthy need not apply.

He calls us away from the Pots and Pans of life. You remember Mary and Martha don't you? Martha was sooo worried about the dinner that she missed the Lord of life. Now I am always one for dinner but some things only come once in a while. Thank God I have enough to eat dinner on a regular basis without much of a problem-- my problem is more with leaving dinner and the pots and pans to be with my Lord.

This retreat will give me time to expect and wait on something new and significant from God. Of course I can't force God's hand. But I am told if we ask for bread he will not give a stone. If we ask for fish , a snake he will not give. It is the Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. I want His Kingdom rule to dominate my life.

so pray with and for us. It is going to be a great retreat. I will tell you all the impact of it when I return

Pastor B