Thursday, August 2, 2007

retreat prep

well we are about to go on retreat as a church. I am excited. We have a number of new people coming and I can't wait to see what God will do. We are focused on coming to Him. He said, to come if we are weak and burdened. in other words those who are totally strong and healthy need not apply.

He calls us away from the Pots and Pans of life. You remember Mary and Martha don't you? Martha was sooo worried about the dinner that she missed the Lord of life. Now I am always one for dinner but some things only come once in a while. Thank God I have enough to eat dinner on a regular basis without much of a problem-- my problem is more with leaving dinner and the pots and pans to be with my Lord.

This retreat will give me time to expect and wait on something new and significant from God. Of course I can't force God's hand. But I am told if we ask for bread he will not give a stone. If we ask for fish , a snake he will not give. It is the Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. I want His Kingdom rule to dominate my life.

so pray with and for us. It is going to be a great retreat. I will tell you all the impact of it when I return

Pastor B

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Anonymous said...

Mary and Martha, hmmm...
Unfortunatly, I have lived the life of Martha. I sit back, and worry about getting everything in order to be perfect before, I can go before the Lord. Even worse, is the fact that I wondered why the Marys' have been the ones who get to sit at the Lords feet (be positioned to be blessed) when they have not done as much as I thought I was doing.
I understand now, Jesus was not concerned about what Martha could do for him. She invited him in, and that was the most important part. However, once he was in, she did not make the most of his presence, he was right there, and she still did not dwell in his presence.
As I write, I realize, how deep this is. We invite the Lord in, but we do not dwell in his presence, we find everything else to do except dwell in his presence...Good Stuff!

Mary on the other hand, basked in his presence. Pot and pans could wait, she seized the moment, to be at the feet of the Lord. She did not care what Martha did, or how Martha felt, she chose what was most important and the opportunity could never be taken from her.